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GENRE: Christian Metal/Progressive Experimental Thrash Metal

Chaz Bond - Vocals
Darin Moore - Guitar
Randy Walton - Bass
Nevin Cline - Drums

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Other Interviews

Interview With Chaz Bond

By Rick "The Screamer" Lindner 09/08/2012

Rick/D2S: Chaz, thank you for talking a little music with us at Dead To Self Radio!

CB/Bio: No problem and thank you.

Rick/D2S: Provide us with an overview of your band BioGenesis as well as how you first came together.

CB/Bio: Well, the first thing I will say is that I am an innovator. I feel that the majority of people today simply follow paths that were laid down long before them. Many accept so many things as “it’s the way it is”. I don’t want to be a follower. I want to be a creator. BioGenesis is all about innovation and standing out on its own. We purposefully combine elements of melodic and heavier forms of music as well as classic and modern forms. You will never hear a band that is “exactly” like BioGenesis.

I formed the band in the late 90’s with this vision in mind. I made a demo in 1998 under the Bio name. Shortly afterwards I was joined with long time guitarist James Riggs. We went about two years without a bass player until Randy Walton responded to an ad. Shortly after we signed on with Rowe Productions, our original drummer Joe Jonker was replaced by Nevin Cline and the Bio you all came to know was born.

Rick/D2S: Fans here at D2S will most likely recognize the name BioGenesis from your 2001 release entitled The Mark Bleeds Through. The album released via Rowe Productions has been spun here for some time (including the Refinery days). Talk about that album and that time period for the band.

CB/Bio: Well, really it was a ground breaking time for us. One minute we were a completely unknown band playing to the basement wall and the next thing we know there is a huge buzz going on in the underground about us. Looking back there are indeed things that I would love to go back and do better, but over all I am very proud of that record. I cannot think of a single album from another band that reminds me of “The Mark” and that makes me very proud.

Those days were really exciting for us. Our fan base was growing both locally and abroad. We were young and energized. I really believe even to this day that had we released a really solid second effort within a year or two we could have grown to be bigger than we were and are today. Maybe even a lot bigger. Back then if you would have told me that the band was going to split in 2005 without making another record I would have told you that you were crazy. It’s unfortunate and far from the vision I had for the band but now here we are, reborn and here again to celebrate a new album eleven years after the debut.

Rick/D2S: Please freshen up our memory. How did your deal with Rowe Productions come together? Steve Rowe is a true metal warrior and a personal favorite of mine actually.

CB/Bio: There was a local band that had been signed by Rowe. We heard that they were going to do a CD release party so we went to meet the guys in the band. It just so happened that the US rep of the label was present so we introduced ourselves and gave her our demo. Ironically, Jacob’s Dream guitarist, John Berry was with her and listened to the demo with her. Apparently he told her to sign us A.S.A.P. Once Steve Rowe heard the demo he gave the final word and a deal was signed.

Steve is a great man. He’s the real deal. When we went on tour with Mortification we had the time of our lives with those guys. I would also say that this still is one of the greatest memories of the early days of Bio.

Rick/D2S: Since that time you’ve also had the opportunity to work with Jimmy P. Brown of Deliverance fame. Talk about that experience. He is another favorite here at the station.

CB/Bio: Well, it was fantastic, but short lived unfortunately. Being a long time D fan it was a real honor to not only work with Jimmy, but to form a great friendship with him which still stands strong today. He produced the single “Fallback” and played bass on the track as well. This was intended to be the first track for our second album but suddenly Jimmy moved to Nevada which made it very difficult to finish the record which unfortunately was the beginning of the down fall. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way blaming Jimmy. We are glad to have worked with him and like I said I am very thankful for the friendship that was born in that time as well. I was able to join Jimmy on stage in Puerto Rico for a duet of “Stay of Execution” which was just fantastic.

Rick/D2S: Shortly after that, you had a unique opportunity present itself in the form of an invitation to join Metal Blade Records’ power metal outfit Jacob’s Dream.

CB/Bio: Well, we met the JD guys through the US rep for the Rowe Label. We were located just one hour away from them so it was a great matchup for gig swapping. After a local tour together I became good friends with the guys in JD. After David Taylor stepped down they went on a long search but nothing felt like a fit to them. They called me and asked for me to come in and try some tunes. Shortly after that I was in the band. At first I would say it was a new challenge for me because nearly all the parts were pre- written and coming from Bio where I wrote all of my own parts I simply wasn’t used to that. However, as time went on I was able to be myself in the band and was able to be very creative.

Being a member of JD has been great for me. I have been able to perform in Germany, Mexico and Puerto Rico. I actually met my wife at one of the shows we did in Puerto Rico so that is one major highlight for me I would say.

Rick/D2S: You are now currently promoting a new project for BioGenesis entitled The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth now available via

CB/Bio: This new record has been dubbed “The reunion album” since we split up in 2005 and have reunited all these years later. This record is special not only because it has been so long but because each song is from a different time period. For example, a few of the tracks were intended for our second album back in 2003 that never saw the light of day. A few tracks were written after that in 2005 before the band came to an end that same year. One song was actually written right after we reunited to begin planning this record. We had so much material to choose from so we tried to pick from some of the songs that we thought really needed to be heard.

That being said this album may seem to be a bit more on the melodic side than our first album but the heavy fans need not worry. There is material on this record that is as heavy as anything we’ve done and of course as always you can expect the unexpected. Bio will always be about creative diversity and this album is no exception. Lyrically this record is a bit more personal. Although there are anti-atheistic references that tie this record to our history on some level such as the song “BioGenesis”.

Rick/D2S: Now that you’ve had additional recording and live playing opportunities since the release of the first BioGenesis effort, what tricks or ideas were you able to incorporate this time around that you might not have with The Mark Bleeds Through?

CB/Bio: I’d say too many to count. One thing that really stands out would be making sure that the guitars are tuned in a way that maximizes my natural vocal range which was not done on the first album. We are all a bit wiser and more experienced now. I believe that we have taken a huge step forward on this record and I also believe that the next step will be even bigger.

Rick/D2S: For fans of D2S that haven’t had the chance to hear the new material spin here yet. Which one song would you recommend they request and why?

CB/Bio: That is hard for me to say. There is a heavier song called “Bleed Me” that is like a roller coaster ride of style changes. There is also a great ballad called “Never” that is about someone who is trying to overcome memories of abuse. The music is awesome and the song is very emotional and moving.

Rick/D2S: You recently picked up Darin Moore on guitar. Fans may recognize him from his previous work. Talk about how he came to join the band.

CB/Bio: Darin originally entered the metal scene with his former band “Legacy” who released two albums on Nightmare Records. He has also become famous for his guitar instructional DVD series called “Chops From Hell”.

In 2005 following the demise of Bio I formed a new band that featured Darin Moore on guitar called “Human Paradox”. While the band is absolutely fantastic, we never did release an album so fans are not that familiar with it.

We parted ways with long time guitarist James Riggs recently. It was unexpected and a bit of a shocker initially, but over time we decided that it was the best thing for him and for Bio at this point in his life and we thank him for all the great years and great guitar riffs that helped shape our history.

Having worked with Darin in “Human Paradox” for six years I knew exactly what we were getting. Darin is a great guitarist but an even better person. He is absolutely a perfect fit for Bio and we couldn’t be happier to be joined with him as the newest member of the Bio family.

Rick/D2S: How about as a fan of music yourself. What bands do you find yourself listening to as we speak?

CB/Bio: To be honest I spend most of my time with my three year old daughter Zariah. When I do get a moment to jam something outside of my own projects I usually go for bands like Iced Earth, Kamelot, Symphony X and occasionally some Disturbed and Soilwork.

Rick/D2S: Is there anything you would like to add to conclude our conversation?

CB/Bio: I would just say that it’s a huge honor to have another shot at this. I never wanted Bio to end and for the longest time I didn’t think this day would ever come. So I am really excited about the new record but even more excited about the next one. I hope to see you all out on the road. God bless.