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News And Updates

April's Album Spotlight

The Vow by Liberty N' Justice is in the album spotlight for April. The Vow is the first LNJ album showcasing a permanent band instead of a Star studded line-up as they have done in the past. The album features Justin Murr on bass, vocalist David Cagle, guitarist JK Northrup (King Cobra, XYZ), keyboardist Eric Ragno (China Blue, Graham Bonnett, Faiths Edge) and drummer Michael Feighan (White Cross, King James). The Vow is a concept album that deals with the struggles of a relationship that started off great, then the man wanted it to end and then realized that he really did not want it to be over. It covers the many emotions of the man and woman in the relationship. It is basically the story of falling in and out of love and then the healing and restoration of the relationship.

April's Classic Spotlight

Thunder From The Mountain by Zion is in the classic spotlight for April. The album was released in 1989 on Image Records and produced by David Zaffiro (Bloodgood). The song "Is It A Crime" was featured on Myrrh Records' (Word) compilation "Twelve New Faces" and ended up dominating the Christian radio airplay charts. Myrrh began courting Zion, Image Records and David Zaffiro to become Myrrh's first and only metal band and have David as producer. Image and Myrrh could not come to terms however and Myrrh went on to sign Holy Soldier and had David Zaffiro produce them instead. The rest is history. Had Image and Myrrh come to an agreement, Holy Soldier probably would not have been signed to Myrrh. It pleases the band to know that they were actually picked first even though a deal could not be made. Zion features Rex Scott (X-Sinner, The GX Project) on vocals.