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  • by Liberty N' Justice
  • from The Cigar Chronicles Vol. 2
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News And Updates

November's Album Spotlight

Broad Is The Gate by Saint is in the album spotlight for November. This is Saint's tenth studio release. Having recently parted ways with long-time vocalist, Josh Kramer, the band has quickly regrouped with vocalist Brian Miller, and Lead Guitarist Matt Smith. It took three years to produce Broad Is The Gate and according to bass player and founding member Richard Lynch, "This is our best sounding albums ever." Long time vocalist Josh Kramer left the band shortly after the release of Desperate Night. Saint began nearly thirty years ago and show no signs of slowing down. Broad Is The Gate is hard, heavy and in your face metal with that signature Saint vibe, yet, with a fresh new sound. Check it out for yourself and request a song or two today!

November's Classic Spotlight

Silence Is Madness by Bride is in the classic spotlight for November. This is the third album by the American heavy metal band Bride, released in 1989. Although the album has a few metal songs on it, this would be a turning point for the band as the next several albums showcased a commercial hard rock sound. This album veered away from the thrashy metal sound of their previous release "Live To Die" and leaned more toward straightforward classic metal/hard rock with a blues influence. This album focuses more on hooks, as displayed on songs such as "Fool Me Once," "Hot Down South Tonight," and "Under the Influence." Vocalist and founding member Dale Thompson continues to bring his high pitched and at times operatic lead vocal style to this release.