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August's Album Spotlight

The Chosen Few by Worldview is in the album spotlight for August. Worldview formed in Los Angeles when George Rene Ochoa (Deliverance, Recon, Vengeance Rising) and Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior) spoke soon after their mutual friend Rick Macias (Sacred Warrior) passed away. He had always encouraged them to form a band together and though they were miles apart, Rick thought that it would be a great collaboration. Regrettably, he passed away before this would ever take place. So George and Rey decided to form this union to honor their friend and thus Worldview was born. The lineup includes the addition of John Gonzales (Recon, Deliverance) on drums and Todd Libby on bass guitar and keyboards. Ronson Webster also joined them as co-songwriter and background vocal guru.

August's Classic Spotlight

Between Heaven 'n Hell by Rez Band is in the classic spotlight for August. Rez (Resurrection) Band was one of the early pioneers of Christian rock music. They began in 1972 as a part of a Christian traveling community called Jesus People USA that would set up Christian rock revivals in towns and cities all over the south and midwest United States. They released their first album in 1979 and continued playing Christian rock music through 16 albums and over 25 years. Between Heaven 'N Hell is the seventh studio album and was released in 1985. This is the first album on which Resurrection Band shortened its moniker to "Rez". Between Heaven 'N Hell is also significant for being the band's attempt to cross over to the mainstream market. Although the lyrics of the album still contain bold declarations of faith to the listener, the band opted to focus less on evangelism and more on performance for the tour which supported this album. The first single, "Love Comes Down," was shopped to mainstream rock stations, and the band's most sophisticated music video was filmed