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Take Me Home

by The Showdown

When five men from the backwoods of Tennessee decide they have nothing to lose, you never know what might result. It could be mayhem. It could be recklessness. It could be just plain killer. Or, it could be all three at the exact same time. The Showdown gives you the where, why, and how of the devastation, unpredictability, and substance that has come to personify this ...

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Blood In The Gears

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Album Spotlight

One Sided War by Michael Sweet is in the album spotlight for September. In what promises to be Stryper front-man Michael Sweet’s most intense solo release to date, “One Sided War” showcases a full plate of hard rock & classic metal riffs from start to finish. One Sided War marks Michael’s 7th studio solo album and it clearly proves that he is still at the very top of his game! “I’ll tell you about it”, says Michael, “Musically it’s my heaviest solo album. It’s not thrash metal but there are definitely some songs on there that will pop out at you. There are some songs that have a bit of the Iron Maiden / Dio feel to them, as well as some songs that have a little bit of a Van Halen influence to them. It’s a very guitar-oriented, hard rock/metal album with lots of melodies and hooks!”

Classic Spotlight

Revelation by Darrell Mansfield is in the classic spotlight for September. This is Darrell's hardest album in his massive catalog of blues oriented rock albums. Released in 1985, Revelation has withstood the test of time. Rocking along with classic heavyweights like Bloodgood, Saint, Messiah Prophet, and more, Darrell proved that he was a contender with great rockers such as "Thunder 'N Lightning", "After The Storm" and "Runnin'". This album features the guitar work of a 17 year old unknown named Paul Gilbert. Paul is best known for being the co-founder of the band Mr. Big and a solo career, for which he has released numerous solo albums, and featured in numerous collaborations and guest appearances on other musicians' albums.