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News And Updates

October's Album Spotlight

Up In Flames by Armageddon USA is in the album spotlight for October. Armageddon USA (Formerly ARMAGEDDON and SECOND CHANCE) has returned with music and attitude for a new generation. Their new release, Up In Flames, features an old-school sound with lyrics centered on social, political and religious issues. If you like bands along the lines of Accept, Metal Church, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Armored Saint, then you will have plenty to like on their new album... UP IN FLAMES!!!

October's Classic Spotlight

The Crucified by The Crucified is in the classic spotlight for October. Greg Sostrom saw The Crucified at a few shows and offered them a recording contract with his new start-up label, Narrowpath Records. The band accepted the offer and started to record songs at Casbah Studios in Southern California. The 15 track album was titled The Crucified. It was released in compact disc format, which was a new format in the late 1980s. After the album's release, the band started to tour around California, including appearances at the Cornerstone Festival as well as opening for D.R.I., G.B.H., and Pantera.