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Toast To The Fallen Requested

by Fades Away

Fades Away is a high energy, original hard rock band out of Minneapolis, MN. The five members include David Erickson (vocals), Matt Mahlen (drums/percussion), John Laing (guitar), Jonathan Sutton (guitar/vocals) and Steve Daniels (bass). Each member's different musical and personal background provides the building blocks for Fades Away's unique style. Integrating genres...

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Album Spotlight

The Lion's Forces by Energema is in the album spotlight for July. The debut album by the Columbia power metalers is a familiar, yet fresh addition to the genre. The lyrics concept are based on "The Chronicles of Narnia" Books from C.S. Lewis. With songs like "Aslan's Call" and "Deep Magic From The Dawn Of Time", the familiarity is the story. Most of us have either read the books or seen the movies, now we crank it to 11 and rock it!!! The band was formed by well-known and charismatic guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Waldo. Nicolas is an official artist from Ibanez Guitars Japan and he worked with international artist from the American enterprise, Dean Guitars U.S.A..

Classic Spotlight

Faith Hope Love by King's X is in the classic spotlight for July. This was the third release was the most commercially successful albums by one of the most underrated bands of that era, nearly reaching gold status. The progressive, groove saturated release has memorable classics like "It's Love" and "Everywhere I Go". Although this album was a bit more "radio friendly", it still features the Beatles influenced backing vocals mixed with the excellent musicianship that has and still pervades each of the band's releases. "Six Broken Soldiers" is the first King's X song to feature drummer Jerry Gaskill on lead vocals. The album was listed at #52 in the 2001 book, CCM Presents: The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music.


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