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August's Album Spotlight

I'm Not Your Suicide by Michael Sweet is in the album spotlight for August. With Stryper's No More Hell To Pay whetting the public's appetite for Sweet's I'm Not Your Suicide, which may technically be the follow-up to 2007's individual offering Touched, but is actually Michael's first full-length original album since 2000's Truth. "I think sometimes my different musical influences come out in Stryper, but to a much larger degree, they come out in my solo career," observes Sweet. "We've established a certain style and sound people expect to hear and that's what we want to play and give. Putting a steel guitar or a country vibe onto a Stryper record probably wouldn't fit, but my solo albums give me an opportunity to do just that. My self-titled album was arena rock, Real was acoustic rock, Truth was super electric, then Touched was a vocal and symphonic piano album. I'm Not Your Suicide is more in line with Truth, but there's really something for everyone, from the edgier side you might hear in Stryper, to the lighter side of a piano ballad."

August's Classic Spotlight

Fear Not by Fear Not is in the classic spotlight for August. Fear Not released one self-titled album on Pakaderm Records in 1993. The sound is a mix of the first two Skid Row albums, with the commercial hooks of Skid Row and the heaviness of Slave to the Grind. Singer Larry Worley sounds reminiscent of Sebastian Bach. In spite of these similarities, Fear Not stand out because of well-written songs, and real attitude, something many Christian bands lack. Guardian's Karl Ney is credited with co-writes on a couple of tracks. The production is by Dino & John Elefante.