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Deborah And Barak

by XT

XT was a metal band from Sweden. It was formed by Bjorn Stigsson and Sonny Larson in 1991, following the breakup of Stigsson's earlier band Leviticus.
The band, whose name means "Christ" released three albums before their breakup in 1995. They became better known in Japan than either Europe or the United States.
Prior to forming XT, Sonny Larson had been i...

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Album Spotlight

Love You To Death by One Bad Pig is in the album spotlight for August. After a twenty five year hiatus, the Pig return to the trough. Founding members Carey "Kosher" Womack and Paul Q-pek, along with long-time member, Daniel Tucek, have recruited a couple of new swine this time around, with Paul Roraback (Grammatrain, PJ Bostic) sitting in on drums for Philip Owens (who was unable to commit to the project for family reasons) and Lee Haley, whose addition gives the band dual guitar players for the first time in its recording history. The album features Les Carlson (Bloodgood) on the track, "Get Your Hands Dirty".

Classic Spotlight

Just As I Am by VU is in the classic spotlight for August. Released in 1999, this was the band's second album. Swaying towards the arena rock genre, this album oozes great production, clean yet biting guitars, hooks galore, big choruses, and over-the-top harmony vocals. Comparisons to Def Leppard are in order here, for both bands play similar styles of slick commercial melodic hard rock. VU was the brainchild of Bart Hafeman, who it appeared was also the band's producer and engineer. He assembled what looked like a bunch of studio musicians and friends to play on this album. Great for fans of Sure Conviction, early Stryper, and Def Leppard.


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