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Burning Your Witches

by Rackets & Drapes

Rackets & Drapes are a shock rock band from Denver, Colorado. Their style often combines many musical styles, such as gothic rock, electronica, screamo and alternative metal. Formed in 1996 they haven't enjoyed any international success, although their song Plastic Jesus became vastly popular because of its misinterpretation as being a System of a Down song. The band cl...

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Album Spotlight

A Day Like Today by Third Voice is in the album spotlight for June. Third Voice originally came on the scene in 1998 with the release of the demo cd "Reflections". The follow up came in 2002 with "Moments Like These". The project consisted of Jeff Kearney (Vocals) and Jason Pirone (Everything Else). The albums received incredible reviews but something was missing... a drummer! Both albums were recorded with the use of a drum machine. But in 2013 Pirone crossed paths with drummer Tony Rossi and a clear musical connection took place.

Classic Spotlight

Deliverance by Deliverance is in the classic spotlight for June. The self-titled was the band's 1989 debut album originally released on Intense Records. It was officially re-released late 2008 with 2 bonus tracks on Retroactive Records. The album was ranked at No. 44 on Metal Hammer's top 50 thrash metal albums of all-time list. In 2010, HM Magazine listed Deliverance No. 31 on its Top 100 Christian Rock Albums of All Time list stating that "'If You Will' and 'The Call' are almost as good as metal gets" -Doug Van Pelt.