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A Lonely Prayer

by Oratorio

Oratorio was founded in the spring of 1998, when Jarmo Happonen was asked by Joel Hekkala to join the band he had put together with Janne Hietakangas and Lauri Joutsiniemi. At first the band played only cover songs but after some time the band started to produce their own songs. At that time the bands music was hard rock/metal. The band naturally had to get a name, so J...

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The Reality Of Existence

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Album Spotlight

Narnia by Narnia is in the album spotlight for October. On this album Narnia, re-visits their melodic roots but with an updated sound, creating a perfect blend. A powerful production by CJ Grimmark, mixed and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson [Scar Symmetry]. The new album could be the strongest Narnia album so far. The band is hungry to hit the stages around the world so keep your eyes open for the new attack from these masters of melodic metal! The lion roars again! Narnia have sold over 100,000 albums and have received praise from leading magazines as Rock Hard, Burrn!, Sweden Rock Magazine and many others.

Classic Spotlight

Together With Friends by Bjorn Stigsson is in the classic spotlight for October. Released in 1989 on Pure Metal Records, the former Leviticus/XT member rocks his first solo album together with Leviticus' bassist Hakan Anderson and drummer Kjell Anderson. Stigsson brought in three talented lead vocalists to help round out the project: Sonny Larsson (Motherlode) contributes a high pitched classic tenor voice, Peo Pettersson sings in a grittier and raspier fashion while Tina Spangberg brings a soulful flavored vocal style. Dan Tibell (Jerusalem) adds just the right amount of texture with his stylish work on keyboards and organ.